We are constantly working to identify the needs of our immediate local community in Snohomish, WA and to serve those needs where we can.  The following is a list of our current local ministries.

Cold Weather shelter

Our cold weather shelter is open to the public to anyone in need of a warm place to say when the weather is cold. 


Often people are in need of medical equipment, maybe because of surgery or a newly diagnosed medical condition. Other people have medical equipment that is no longer needed. We put the need and the resource together where possible by developing the MedShed. For more information or to donate or borrow equipment contact the church.

For the current list of available equipment click here.

Parish Nursing

Our Parish Nurse committee is dedicated to finding ways to encourage stewardship of our bodies as a tool for Kingdom ministry. It also tries to find creative ways to serve our larger community with awareness events, educational materials and service opportunities.